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Advanced Technology


Our advanced systems have the capability to image discontinuities or flaws which are present in components in a manner as to provide real insight into the underlying problems.

Our advanced systems have the ability to detect relevant defects and measure their position, size and location.  They reveal the data in such a manner that they make it possible to use the data in accordance with relevant codes or used directly within fitness for purpose, Engineering Critical Assessment or Risk Based Inspection strategies. 

Our state of the art Computerized Radiography systems allow us to work safely with radiation in densely populated areas with extremely low curie sources to perform weld quality and component profiling services.  Our ultrasonic weld imaging is also code compliant and production friendly, TOFD and Pased Array ultrasonics.

Non-destructive Technology

Technology has evolved to a point in this day and time to where it can, in many cases, be a real alternative to the traditional opening up of vessels, valves, and flanges.  Many of these inspections can be performed online.  The increased level of confidence in the results often lead to increased periodic inspections, consequential savings, by greater plant availability.  This should lead the industry to design their inspection program methodology to suit their needs and operating conditions.





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